Could your bore water be contaminated?

Many areas around Victoria but mainly metropolitan Melbourne have been identified as having polluted groundwater. Use the Environment Protection Agency's (EPA) search tool Victoria Unearthed to identify any Groundwater Quality Restricted Use Zones (GQRUZ) near your address. If your address is near a GQRUZ, Victoria Unearthed advise what the water can be used for. You are responsible for ensuring that groundwater you use is suitable for its purpose and for treating the water if necessary. Also, the EPA also has a Priority Sites Register which lists sites where a ‘Clean Up’ notice or ‘Pollution Abatement’ notice has been issued. All questions regarding information at these sites should be directed to the EPA on 1300 372 842.

If you are in an area serviced by septic systems, groundwater pollution must also be considered.

Groundwater pollution from septic tanks may occur in unsewered areas. Investigations have found bacteria and nitrate contamination in aquifers that are used for groundwater extraction by private bore owners. New bores may need to be placed away from any treatment systems. Please read our fact sheet, Constructing a bore, or contact your local council for information on placement of a bore on your property.

Testing of water quality

Bore water should be tested to make sure its suitable for its intended use. Advice on whether water is for drinking or growing food at home can be found at on the Department of Health's website.

Are you planning on constructing a bore near any of the Melbourne Metro rail project sites?

If you are planning on constructing a bore along the route or near any of the Melbourne Metro Rail Project, please refer to the Melbourne Metro Rail Project website to obtain information about their planned drilling and monitoring programs in your area. Questions about groundwater and the MM Rail Project should be directed to 1800 551 927.