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Southern Rural Water supports strong communities across our region through sponsorship and participation in community projects and activities which complement our role as a rural water corporation.

Our sponsorship guidelines are closely aligned with the Victorian Government Sponsorship Policy.


SRW will consider sponsorship requests from not-for-profit groups:

  • based in the southern half of Victoria, or
  • whose activities cover communities in the southern half of Victoria
  • to assist in disaster recovery and relief efforts in our region, or
  • whose activities are water-related (in Australia, or overseas where relevant)

They should be involved in activities which help to strengthen local communities; promote sustainable environmental practices, or educate on water-related topics, especially rural or non-urban water use.

SRW offers the following types of sponsorship:

  • Community support – sponsorship for community groups, charities, appeals and events
  • Corporate support – sponsorship of relevant organisation events or activities such as newsletters or conferences
  • Staff support – sponsorship of staff involved in charitable events or extraordinary not-for-profit personal endeavours

We do not sponsor the following:

  • Commercial organisations
  • Advertising organised by a commercial organisation
  • Any activity unrelated to those mentioned above
  • Any organisation which passes the sponsorship onto a third party
  • Political parties; or,
  • Any group or individual who may be subject to SRW regulation or inspection.

If you would like to make an application for sponsorship, please complete the Sponsorship Application Form