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Pykes Creek Reservoir

Pykes Creek Reservoir, located west of Melbourne near Ballan, is a very popular recreational area offering opportunities for boating, kayaking, fishing, swimming and picnicking.

The reservoir primarily provides water for farmers in the Bacchus Marsh and Werribee Irrigation Districts. This means that the water levels can vary.

Hours of operation

Pykes Creek recreational facilities are open between 8am and 8pm daily.

Facilities and what to do

Pykes Creek Reservoir is a popular spot for boating, fishing, swimming and picnics. 

Facilities at our recreation area include:

parking toilets picnic_tables electric_bbq playground swimming fishing boat_ramp non_powered_boat powered_boat dogs_on_leads

While visiting

Please note that Pykes Creek is patrolled regularly by our compliance team.

  • In the interests of making a visit to Pykes a safe and enjoyable one for everyone, vessels (including jetskis) will not be allowed on the water without displaying current registration and drivers carrying a current marine licence, and may be inspected for appropriate equipment
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • Only boats powered by an internal combustion engine are permitted if the engine has a water-cooled exhaust system, discharging through the transom at or below the waterline
  • Boating restrictions apply when water levels lower.

Not permitted

While visiting our facilities you are not permitted to:

  • camp or stay overnight
  • have fires or fire pits
  • leave rubbish - all our sites are carry in carry out zones
  • reserve any picnic areas
  • drive or ride motorbikes along the shoreline or in fenced areas
  • enter prohibited areas
  • vandalise the facilities
  • hunt, carry or discharge a firearm
  • ride or walk horses anywhere, including in the water.
  • use the park or picnic areas outside of opening hours
  • undertake any dangerous activities including abseiling, paraflying, shooting and archery.

There is no public access in these areas:

  • Southern Rural Water workshop and residence
  • Anywhere beyond the main access gate. For instance:
    • The dam wall (including tower)
    • Greater Western Water treatment plant
    • Outlet works
    • Anywhere south of Western Highway

For more information, see Pykes Creek Reservoir prohibited areas

Request to hold events

From time to time, people wish to hold events at our recreational facilities including festivals, birthday parties and weddings. We cannot close our recreational facilities for private events and you cannot book sites. 

You must have permission to hold any organised entertainment, rally, boating event or regatta, festival, public meeting, training class or demonstration, wedding or similar ceremony, or private functions for 30 or more people.

Please email us with your request in writing.

  • Pykes Creek Reservoir visitors guide

    Southern Rural Water (SRW) needs to manage our dams and catchments carefully to maintain a high quality supply of water. We encourage all visitors to work with us to minimise any impact to Pykes Creek Reservoir and its surrounds, and to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable time here.

    All native animals and plants are protected by law.

    In the park and picnic areas:

    consider others and keep noise to a minimum
    keep the picnic areas and BBQs clean
    take your rubbish home
    use the toilet facilities provided
    keep within the speed limits
    obey all signs and notices, including Blue Green Algae bloom notifications
    keep dogs on leads
    protect all native animals and plants
    comply with the directions of SRW officers and security personnel

    On the water:

    supervise your children at all times
    have a Victorian boat operating licence , when operating vessels
    comply with the Victorian Marine Safety legislation and SRW by-laws
    ensure all passengers are wearing flotation devices
    use the boat ramp provided
    adhere to all speed and safety restrictions
    move in anticlockwise direction, when operating a vessel

    drive vessels into restricted areas where you may harm other people or the environment.
    construct any works near or on the water including ramps and pontoons
    conduct any dangerous activities include shooting, parasailing or jumping off assets or home-made platforms
    land any aircraft on the water without written permission from SRW
    engage in duck shooting
    leave any litter on the waterway or dispose of any chemicals into the water

    Fires prohibited

    As part of its commitment to adopting the best environmental practices, SRW prohibits fires at all of its recreational areas AT ALL TIMES.

    More information
    For more information contact us on 1300 139 510 or visit

Pykes creek
Pykes Creek Reservoir boating brochure

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Pykes Creek Reservoir is located on a tributary of the Werribee River, 72 km west of Melbourne on the Western Highway.
VicRoads Reference – Map 611 E1