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About Us

Southern Rural Water is proud to be the lifeblood of the agricultural economy of southern Victoria. With assets valued at $1.4 billion, our irrigation districts deliver water from catchment to farm gate. As regulators of surface and groundwater, we provide fair, equitable and sustainable access to water resources. Our services support farmers to generate high quality, fresh and local produce, much of which ends up on tables across the globe ready to be enjoyed by consumers.

We supply water to irrigators, power generators, urban water corporations and we work with the Victorian Environmental Water Holder alongside Catchment Management Authorities and Melbourne Water to manage the release of environmental flows.

We service an area of 88,000 square kilometers, stretching from the South Australian to the New South Wales border and from the Great Dividing Range to the Victorian coastline.

We operate seven major dams, eight diversion weirs, three irrigation districts and manage take and use licences for waterways, licences relating to catchment dams and farm dam registration.

We recognise the important role we play as stewards of water resources, ensuring that we manage them sustainably for the long term.

Annual Report