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Water Ordering

Irrigation water can be ordered over the phone or online using Waterline, SRW’s Water Order Centre.
Customers must have a valid user number and password to access these services.

Water orders must be placed three days in advance to provide for the most efficient planning. Customers under the Demand Management System in the MID can place orders with shorter notice.

What is Waterline?

Waterline is our Customer Ordering System.

Through Waterline, customers are able to:

  • Place irrigation orders.
  • Enter meter readings.
  • Communicate with planners.
  • Access water usage details.
  • Ordering water by phone

    Waterline can be accessed by dialing 1300 360 117.
    Key in your User Number then press “#”
    Key in your PIN then press “#”
    Select from the following functions:
    1# To place a regular order
    2# To find out start times
    3# To speak to a planner
    4# To leave a message for a planner
    5# To use special functions (to change your password; enter special orders; find out entitlement details)
    6# To change lodged orders (DMS)
    7# To enter a meter reading
    9# To speak to an operator
    0# To end the call

  • Ordering water online

    Go to and follow the instructions below:

    • Type in your User Number and Password
    • Select your required option from the main menu drop down boxes
    • Type in details as required
    • You may move between the various pages by selecting from the main menu or use the back and forward arrow buttons on your browser
    • When placing repeating orders, only one panel of duration and flow rate needs to be filled in as it is repeating this data
    • Before lodging your order, make sure that dates and times are correct
    • When you have finished lodging your order, or completed your enquiries, select log off from the to right of the screen