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Lake Narracan

Lake Narracan

  • History

    The reservoir was first constructed in between 1959 and 1961 and has the capacity of 8,600 megalitres (ML).

    In 2002 major works were undertaken to bring the reservoir up to modern day standards, including anchoring the dam wall to the foundation bedrock and strengthening the four gates.

  • Purpose

    The dam is an essential part of providing water for cooling the power stations generators in the Latrobe Valley. This supply is supplemented from Blue Rock Lake approximately 15 km upstream on the Tanjil River.

  • Statistics
    Capacity 7,230 ML
    Dead storage 53 ML
    Surface area 281 ha
    Full supply level 47.7 m AHD
    Catchment area 1,942 km²
    Maximum height 23 m approx.
    Length 109 m
    Crest length 64 m approx
    Discharge capacity * 268,000 ML per day

    * Narracan Reservoir has been designed to withstand overtopping following anchor installation in 2003.


Lake Narracan is located on the Latrobe River in Gippsland.

Please check the water levels (see graph at the top of the page) before planning a day out at the lake!