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Southern Rural Water’s responsibilities range from building new irrigation infrastructure to managing water licensing and compliance.

How we help everyone share water fairly

Water is a precious resource. Southern Rural Water’s Manager Groundwater and Rivers, Bryce Morden, on how we enforce the rules on water use to make sure everyone gets a fair share.

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Investing in modern irrigation infrastructure

Southern Rural Water’s investment in modern irrigation infrastructure has enabled Brad and Jenna White’s farm to grow and employ more staff.

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Modernisation key for Gippsland farming family

Gippsland dairy farmers Brad and Jenna White discuss the benefits of modernisation for their Riverslea dairy farm.

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Delivering irrigation water to Newry

We are building the Newry pipeline in the Macalister Irrigation District. Southern Rural Water’s Manager Water Supply East, Matt Cook, discusses how water is currently delivered before the transition to a piped supply and automated outlets.

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Managing licence conditions and allocations

Southern Rural Water’s field staff play a key role ensuring licence conditions and allocations are met so that every customer has a fair share of water.

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