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Southern Rural Water provides a range of services to customers across southern Victoria.

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Southern Rural Water is responsible for seven storages in southern Victoria. See the latest storage levels, water allocations for irrigation districts and information about water management here.

Our water storages

Storage Levels

Blue Rock Lake
101.55 %
Lake Glenmaggie
85.07 %
Lake Narracan
63.12 %
Melton Reservoir
80.82 %
Merrimu Reservoir
78.22 %
Pykes Creek Reservoir
100.37 %
Rosslynne Reservoir
67.22 %



The opening allocations for the 2022-23 season for the Macalister Irrigation District are:

High Reliability
100 %
Low Reliability
0 %
Werribee and Bacchus Marsh

The opening allocation for the 2022-23 season for the Werribee Irrigation District and Bacchus Marsh Irrigation District are:

High Reliability
100 %
Low Reliability
0 %
Werribee (Groundwater)

The starting groundwater allocation for Deutgam for the 2022-23 season is 100%. Allocations are based on groundwater levels in the monitoring bores.

High Reliability
100 %
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Our storages are home to some of Victoria’s best family picnic, recreational boating and fishing spots. Plan and prepare your visit to our recreation areas here.

Our recreation areas
Boating, camping & fishing


Our recreational reserves are lovely to have a picnic and a swim. Check out this page to see what restrictions apply to our different recreational locations.

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Blue rock lake boat ramp
Safe swimming

When enjoying a swim at one of our recreational reserves, please obey our general warning signs and follow the Play it safe by the water guidelines.

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Safe swimming
Environmental initiatives

SRW understands the need to balance social, economic and environmental values in our everyday operations, future modernisation and improvement works.

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Plants growing
MID modernisation

Modernising the MID has been undertaken to enable farmers to implement best-practice water use, invest in on-farm efficiencies and improve farm productivity, while making their businesses more climate resilient.

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Water flowing from open gate