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Werribee Irrigation District Modernisation

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The Werribee Irrigation District modernisation project will replace the region’s ageing and inefficient channel irrigation network with a modern piped system.

A reliable piped supply means less water is lost to leakage and evaporation, supports security of water supply, and ensures irrigators are more climate resilient. Water savings of 5,000 megalitres will also be generated, to support irrigators and the health of the Werribee River.

The project is being delivered in five stages and involves the installation of over 39 kilometres of new pipe and 207 customer outlets.

Stages 1 to 3 delivered 23 kilometres of pipeline and 138 upgraded customer outlets and estimated annual water savings of 3,650 megalitres, with two-thirds of the savings made available to growers. These works started in 2016 and finished in December 2019. 

The modernisation of the Werribee Irrigation District is jointly funded by Southern Rural Water and the Victorian Government.


Stages 4 and 5

Work started in April 2023 on stages 4 and 5. This involves replacing existing open channels with 16.2 km of new pipelines, installing 69 new automated customer outlets and flow meters, and upgrading channel regulators at Werribee Weir and Conquest Drive. The new pipelines will mainly be constructed inside Southern Rural Water’s channel reserves and under some roads. An additional 1350 megalitres in water savings will be generated.

Stage 4 works breakdown: construction of 7.9 kilometres of pipeline and 22 automated outlets in the vicinity of Hoppers Lane south to Aviation Road. Works to be finished by August 2023.

Stage 5 works breakdown: construction of 8.3 kilometres of new pipeline, 47 automated outlets and two new regulators east of Duncans Road and south of Aviation Road. Works are expected to start in Autumn 2024.

Map of Stages 1 to 5

Stages 4 and 5 of the Werribee Irrigation District is jointly funded by Southern Rural Water, the Commonwealth Government through the National Water Grid Fund and the Victorian Government.


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