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Bores and Groundwater

  • There is groundwater under my house, what do I do?

    When we have a lot of rain, or even a flood, the ground will often stay saturated for a while. Sometimes, groundwater tables rise so high they pool above the surface. If you don’t have appropriate drainage, this water will stay in the same place.

    The only solution is surface draining or sump-pumping. For further information, contact us and ask for your local field officer.


Lake Glenmaggie and the Macalister Irrigation District

  • How much water is kept for environmental purposes in Lake Glenmaggie?

    The environment receives an entitlement from Lake Glenmaggie similar to the entitlement held by customers.

    The current entitlement is 12,461 ML of high reliability water shares, and 6,230 ML of low reliability water shares. These are subject to the same % changes during the season as customers.

  • How much water gets lost through evaporation on the channels?

    28% of Glenmaggie’s water is lost through evaporation. This statistic also includes outfall losses (water going down drains at the end of the irrigation systems) and measurement inaccuracy. This means that for every 100ML of water going through Glenmaggie, 28ML is lost.

    We are working to improve this figure through modernisation of our irrigation system.


Land Title



  • Are food vans allowed at reservoirs?

    SRW does allow food vans at our reservoirs, but you need to:

    • get permission from your local shire
    • put your proposal in writing to SRW

    before we make a decision.

    For more information, please contact us.