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Permanent Water Share Auction - Macalister

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Seasonal Water Online Auction - Latrobe

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  • High Reliability 100% 100%
  • Low Reliability 35% 35%
  • High Reliability 40% 40%
  • Low Reliability 0% 0%
  • 50% 50%

Southern Rural Water covers an area of 88,000 km2, or 37% of the state. To find out if your property is in Southern Rural Water’s area, visit the water in your region web page. A seasonal allocation tells irrigators what percentage of their high and low reliability water shares they can use for the season. It reflects how much water is actually available in storage.

Southern Rural Water is responsible for 7 storages in its region, together with a number of smaller regulating structures. From these storages we harvest and store water for irrigation customers, urban water corporations and the Latrobe Valley Power generators in accordance with the provisions of Bulk Entitlement Orders.

Latest News

Pykes Creek temporarily closed for recreational use

  Southern Rural Water has temporarily closed Pykes Creek Reservoir for recreational water activities due to the detection of high levels of E.coli during regular monitoring.   The reservoir was closed after similar levels were found in early January of 2019.  ...

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Glenmaggie boating restrictions

Glenmaggie Reservoir has fallen below 44%, triggering recreational water usage restrictions. This restricts boats and other water vessels to 5-knots per hour across two-thirds of the lake, reducing the area where waterskiing and jetskiing is possible. The restricted...

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