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Werribee veggie grower primed for a sustainable future

29 November 2023 | News
29 November 2023

John Said is the Managing Director of Fresh Select – one of Victoria’s biggest vegetable growers. He believes modernisation in the Werribee Irrigation District means they’re well placed to feed the nation sustainably well into the future.

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South Gippsland onion grower unpeels the secret of their success

3 November 2023 | News
3 November 2023

Sam Powell is a fifth-generation farmer whose ancestors travelled from Wales to cultivate a new life in Thorpdale, south Gippsland. In the late 1800s, the Powell’s selected a few parcels of prime land that sowed the seeds of success Sam is proud to sustain today.

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Helping Gippsland veggie grower sustain regional employment

19 October 2023 | News
19 October 2023

Schreurs & Sons is one of Australia’s largest celery producers whose wise use of water underpins their business success. Director of Operations, Adam Schreur said every drop is precious because it allows them to grow some of Australia’s best veggies and employ 170 people year-round.