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Stage 4 Werribee Irrigation Modernisation works complete

26 September 2023 | News
26 September 2023

More growers in Werribee can look forward to a more efficient and secure water supply with the completion of the Werribee Irrigation District Stage 4 modernisation.

Southern Rural Water is delivering the $42 million project in five stages. Stage 4 was recently completed and replaced nearly eight kilometres of open channel with modern pipeline and 23 automated water outlets.

Southern Rural Water Managing Director Cameron FitzGerald said a reliable piped supply reduces water loss from leakage and evaporation and improves the efficiency of water delivery to customers.

“We are proud to have finished another stage of this vital infrastructure project that helps secure our customer’s farming futures and makes them more climate resilient,” he said.

Stages 4 and 5 of the Werribee Irrigation District modernisation project is funded by the Victorian Government, Southern Rural Water and the Commonwealth Government through the National Water Grid Fund.

“This project is proof that when we do things together, we can achieve great things,” he said.

“It gives our farmers confidence to invest in their businesses, employ local people and secure Werribee’s ability to supply Melbourne and Victoria with Australia’s best leafy greens well into the future,” he said.

Stages 1 to 3 were completed in 2019 and modernised approximately 23 kilometres of pipeline and upgraded more than 130 customer outlets.

Cameron FitzGerald said the full project, across all five stages, will generate approximately 5,000 megalitres of water savings, which will be used to enhance local irrigation and the health of the Werribee River.

“It’s critical we make these investments now to deliver the modern infrastructure and technology that will help us secure our food security against a backdrop of a hotter, drier future,” he said.

Stage 5 works are expected to start in autumn 2024 and include construction of a further 8.3 kilometres of pipeline, 47 automated outlets, and two new regulators.