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Water industry partnership to reduce carbon emissions

28 June 2024 | News
28 June 2024

Southern Rural Water and Wannon Water have joined forces to reduce carbon emissions in the Victorian water industry.

Under the partnership agreement, Wannon Water will trade 3,000 Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU) to Southern Rural Water in the period from 2024/25 to 2029/30. 

Wannon Water currently holds Australian Carbon Credit Units generated through its carbon reforestation project and has agreed to assist Southern Rural Water in achieving its 2025 goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions under the terms of the agreement.

Southern Rural Water’s Climate Change Mitigation Plan and Wannon Water’s roadmap to net zero set out the actions needed to achieve their respective goals, including investment in renewable energy, reducing high energy activities, and transitioning towards hybrid and electric vehicles.

Southern Rural Water Managing Director, Cameron FitzGerald, said the agreement was testament to collaboration in the industry.

“Wannon Water have been great partners in our collective quest to reduce our carbon footprint” he said. 

Wannon Water Managing Director, Andrew Jeffers, said: “This agreement helps both organisations achieve a more sustainable future and is a great example of how we can proactively protect our environment and care for our community.”

For more information on our energy and greenhouse commitments visit our environmental initiatives page.