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Macalister Irrigation District water auction scheduled

14 May 2024 | News
14 May 2024

On Wednesday, 26 June between 9am and 12:30pm, we’ll be selling 1,000 megalitres of high reliability and 441 megalitres of low reliability water shares within the Macalister Irrigation District system.

These water shares will be sold as lots via an online auction on Southern Rural Water Exchange auction platform. Eligible buyers can take part by visiting the exchange and registering.

These lots will then be converted and issued to successful bidders as water shares. Allocation announcement will happen on 1 July 2024. Water shares and allocation transfer will happen in early July after we receive full payment of purchased water shares.  

In our Price Submission 2023, we committed to selling 1,000 megalitres per year in the Macalister Irrigation District with the proceeds of the sale used to fund modernisation works already completed. This was approved by the Essential Services Commission

In line with our commitment, we will sell 1,000 ML of high reliability and 441 ML low reliability water shares this financial year.

Minister for Water, Harriet Shing MP, approved the recognition and conversion of 4,485 megalitres long-term average annual yield for Phase 1A of the Macalister Irrigation District 2030 modernisation project. 

These water savings were issued as 3,878 ML of high-reliability water shares and 1,710 ML low-reliability water shares. 

A specialist independent auditor confirmed the volume of water savings to be converted to water shares is backed by water recovery achieved by Phase 1A of the MID2030 project. 

Anyone with an allocation account (ABA) can take part in this auction. We would encourage those who have access to use the water in the Macalister Irrigation District network to bid at auction. 

Southern Rural Water will set a reserve price, thereafter the market will decide the price.

Further information about this water sale is available on our water auctions and sales page.