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Herbicide Use Notice Update

29 November 2023 | Notices
29 November 2023

The main northern channel weed treatment has been rescheduled to Tuesday, 5 December. 

Water orders and stock and domestic water will be unavailable from 11 pm on Monday, 4 December, until 10 am on Thursday, 7 December.  
Name of application: Magnacide H 

Date of application: 28 November - 7 December 

Locations: Main Southern, Main Northern, Main Sale, Main Heart, Heart ½ & 1/1/2, Nambrok Denison 1, 4/1, 15/1 Channels. 

Date Channel From To
Mon 28 November Main Southern Downstream of Glenmaggie Weir Heyfield/Upper Maffra Road, Tinamba
Mon 28 November Nambrok Denison 1 Swamp Road Sale Heyfield Road
Mon 28 November Nambrok Denison 4/1 Sale Heyfield Road Sale Cowwarr road
Mon 28 November Nambrok Denison 15/1 Swamp Road Velore Road
Tue 5 December Main Northern Upper Maffra Road Newry Brewers Hill Road, Maffra
Mon 4 December Main Heart Dawson Street Sale Aerodrome Road Sale
Mon 4 December Heart ½ & 1/1/2 Aerodrome Road Lower Heart Road


Warnings regarding this application 

Do not come in contact with treated water.

Do not swim in channels.

Do not use treated water for domestic and stock.


For enquires: 

Contact Southern Rural Water on 1300 139 510. 

As a reminder, channel water is not treated for human consumption. 

Please don’t drink it. 

Swimming and fishing in our channels is banned at all times.