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Lake Glenmaggie

Lake Glenmaggie, located in Gippsland, is a very popular recreational area offering opportunities for boating, swimming and picnicking.

The lake is an annual storage which provides water for farmers throughout the Macalister Irrigation District. This means that the lake fills and empties most years.

Public Notices


Parts of Lake Glenmaggie will be closed to the public for swimming and watercraft activities on Saturday 4 November and Sunday 5 November 2017, between 7 am to 7 pm for a private event run by the Lake Glenmaggie Boating club.

The detailed exemption information.

The storage is now at a level that no special boating speed restrictions apply except to limited areas as illustrated below.


Above 44


Hours of Operation

The Lake Glenmaggie Dam Wall recreational area is open from 8.00am and closed at 8.00pm daily.

Suspected BGA Bloom

There are no current blooms.

Facilities and What to Do

Lake Glenmaggie is popular for boating, fishing, swimming and picnics. Camping is available at the privately operated Lake Glenmaggie Caravan Park.

Facilities at our two main recreation areas, the dam wall and Sandy Point, include:

Recreational Facilities – Dam Wall

Icon_parking  Icon_toilets  Icon_Diabled  Icon_Shelter  Icon_electric_BBQ  Icon_playground  Icon_Dogs_on_leads

Please note: There is no public access for any activity beyond the barrier near the weir wall.

Recreational Facilities – Sandy Point

Icon_parking  Icon_toilets  Icon_Diabled  Icon_Picnic_tables  Icon_Shelter  Icon_wood_fire  Icon_Swimming  Icon_Fishing  Icon_Boat_Ramp  Icon_Powered_boat  Icon_Non_Powered_Boat  Icon_Dogs_on_leads

Things to Note
  • You must take your litter home with you
  • Camping, firearms and horses are not permitted
  • Dogs must be on leads at all times.

Lake Glenmaggie is located on the Macalister River in Central Gippsland, Victoria – VicRoad Reference Map 82 E8.

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