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Lake Glenmaggie

Current boating restriction

As the lake levels are now below 24% capacity, the boating speed over the entire lake is now 5-knots for safety reasons.

Lake Glenmaggie, located in Gippsland, is a very popular recreational area offering opportunities for boating, swimming and picnicking.

The lake is an annual storage which provides water for farmers throughout the Macalister Irrigation District. This means that the lake fills and empties most years.

Hours of operation

The Lake Glenmaggie Dam Wall recreational area is open from 8.00am and closed at 8.00pm daily.

Facilities and what we do

Lake Glenmaggie is popular for boating, fishing, swimming and picnics. Camping is available at the privately operated Lake Glenmaggie Caravan Park.

Facilities at our two main recreation areas, the dam wall and Sandy Point, include:

Recreational facilities – dam wall

Icon_parking Icon_toilets Icon_Diabled Icon_Shelter Icon_electric_BBQ Icon_playground Icon_Dogs_on_leads

Please note: There is no public access for any activity beyond the barrier near the weir wall.

Recreational facilities – Sandy Point

Icon_parking Icon_toilets Icon_Diabled Icon_Picnic_tables Icon_Shelter Icon_Swimming Icon_Fishing Icon_Boat_Ramp Icon_Powered_boat Icon_Non_Powered_Boat Icon_Dogs_on_leads

Request to hold events

From time to time, people wish to hold events at our recreational facilities including festivals, birthday parties and weddings. We cannot close or our recreational facilities for private events and you can not book sites. 

You must have permission to hold any organised entertainment, rally, boating event or regatta, festival, public meeting, training class or demonstration, wedding or similar ceremony, or private functions for 30 or more people.

Please email us to with your request in writing.

Not permitted

While visiting our recreation facilities you are not permitted to:

  • have fires or fire pits
  • leave rubbish - all our site are carry in carry out zones
  • reserve any picnic areas
  • drive or ride motorbikes along the shoreline our in fenced areas
  • enter prohibited areas
  • vandalise the facilities
  • hunt, carry or discharge a firearm
  • ride or walk horses anywhere, including in the water
  • camp overnight (unless sign posted as designated RV area).
Current BGA Bloom

A Level 1(b) Blue Green Algae (BGA) bloom warning is current for Melton Reservoir.

Warning signs advising people not to swim, fish or come in contact with the water have been erected at the reservoir, and boating is not recommended.

Blue Green Algae can be dangerous to humans and animals. It can cause skin rashes or itchiness; sore eyes, ears and nose; or if swallowed, gastroenteritis, nausea or vomiting.  People who come into direct contact with contaminated water should wash immediately in fresh water.

Please note that Melton Reservoir is not a potable drinking water supply for residents, and water from Melton Reservoir should not be used for drinking, cooking or other domestic uses. Boiling the affected water will not make it safe for use.

Pet owners should prevent pets from drinking or having direct contact with contaminated water.

If you are experiencing a health issue you think is related to contact with water contaminated by BGA, please seek medical advice promptly.

Southern Rural Water will continue to monitor the situation and will remove this warning when the water is considered safe. However, BGA blooms can come and go quickly and as such visitors are encouraged to take care and not contact the water if they believe BGA is present.

Members of the public are asked to report any potential outbreaks of BGA to SRW on 1300 139 510.




Lake Glenmaggie is located on the Macalister River in Central Gippsland, Victoria – VicRoad Reference Map 82 E8.

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