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Our Latest Media Releases

Glenmaggie event

Lake Glenmaggie will be closed to the public for swimming and watercraft activities on Saturday 4 November and Sunday 5 November 2017, between 7 am to 7 pm for a private event run by the Lake Glenmaggie Boating club. The detailed exemption...

Seeking your feedback to improve service

From next Monday 16 October Field Works on behalf of Southern Rural Water will begin our 2017 phone survey. This Survey should only take 10 to 15 minutes. The data collected from the Survey is extremely important for our future planning and will identify where we can...

For all media queries, please contact:

  • Bernadine Phelan, 0400 113 539 or
  • Julie Logan, 0458 333 328

Background information

Good background information is available on some topics in our fact sheets section.

Otherwise, please contact us if you would like background information on any issue.

For public events details please see our What’s On page.

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