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We’re working on an upgrade for your water trading.

In the meantime, you can join our Facebook groups to explore trading opportunities with each other.

These Facebook groups also allow us to share important information and the latest updates and news with our customers. Please choose the group according to what type of licence you hold with us. When you join, you will be asked some questions to help you identify which group you should join.

In the group, you may post information to offer to trade/lease water between yourselves. You will still need to complete your trades by downloading the transfer application as per the usual process.

Please respect each others’ privacy and only share contact details in private messages.

If you have further questions about trading or leasing water, please contact our Customer Service team on 1300 139 510.


Your group options:


This is a group for Southern Rural Water’s groundwater and rivers customers – in other words, those with licences to take water from bores and rivers across the southern third of Victoria.


This is a group for Macalister Irrigation District customers.


This is a group for Bacchus Marsh Irrigation District customers.


This is a group for Werribee Irrigation District customers.


Things you need to know

  • It’s important to note that Southern Rural Water is not acting, and will not act, as a water broker.
  • We cannot advise you on the price of water or match you individually with a buyer/seller.
  • Buyers and sellers still need to go through our normal application process.

Trading applications must be submitted to Southern Rural Water and approval granted before water is taken. A water transfer application form can be downloaded from our forms page.

If you want to trade upstream, please speak with one of our Assessment Officers prior to submitting an application.

To check if a buyer or seller can trade with you, call us on 1300 139 510 and ask to speak to an Assessment Officer.