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Recent rain has seen both Pykes Creek Reservoir and Melton Reservoir fill in the past fortnight. It is the first time in three years that both have filled to capacity. Southern Rural Water has welcomed the rainfall, which has flowed through the catchments into local reservoirs, following two years of below-average rainfall and diminishing storage levels.

The full storages have enabled SRW to increase the allocation to 100% high reliability water shares and 20% of low reliability water shares, up from just 45% at the end of the last season. This provides a much-needed boost to Werribee and Bacchus Marsh farmers.

Southern Rural Water’s Manager Water Supply West, Ed Smith said, “The river catchments are wet, the reservoirs have spilled and these flows will provide a good flush through the Werribee River basin. The flows will help improve water quality coming into spring, and also help offset the forecast drier than average outlook over coming months.”  Combined with the water carried over from the previous season, this helps irrigators prepare for this year and beyond.

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