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December 2020 update

Southern Rural Water (SRW) met with the Torquay Community Group on Tuesday 15 December to provide an update on progress of investigations into the dam.

The group was told that the dam owner’s technical report was received on 30 November 2020, and that SRW had met with the owner to provide feedback on 14 December.

A review of the report by SRW’s dam safety engineers and an independent dam safety specialist identified that further information was required from the dam owner in order for SRW to be able to assess the proposals. The owner has been given a deadline of 1 February 2021 to respond.

A representative from Barwon Water also attended the meeting at the request of the TCG members. He explained how recycled water is managed and regulated with respect to the dam.

The conditions of the direction notice issued under section 80 of the Water Act (1989) remain in place, which limits the dam’s operations to 12m above sea level.

A further meeting to update residents on progress is planned for February.

4 December 2020 update

Southern Rural Water (SRW) last night (3 Dec) held its second meeting of the Torquay Community Group, to provide an overview of the process and next steps.  The group comprises representatives from residents in the area closest to the dam. 

The group was given an update on the notice SRW issued the dam owner, under section 80 of the Water Act (1989), requiring him to submit dam safety engineering report by 30 November and to show cause as to why the dam should not be decommissioned. 

The owner met the deadline required and SRW is now reviewing the report, which includes review by an independent dam safety specialist, after which feedback will be provided to the dam owner.  

Cameron FitzGerald, Managing Director, told the group that the conditions of the direction notice will remain in place until the process is completed. This requires that the dam continues to operate at the reduced level, in order to ensure ongoing public safety.  

The group were told that SRW will complete its technical review of the report and meet with the community group in mid-December to provide a more detailed summary and provide advice on the next steps in the process, including opportunities for their feedback 

It was also confirmed that any applications from the dam owner for future operations of the dam will need to be assessed by SRW under the Water Act (1989), which would include opportunities for the community and other stakeholders to provide submissions on the proposal.  


11 November 2020 update

Southern Rural Water (SRW) met residents who had nominated for the SRW Torquay Community Group to discuss the privately-owned Torquay dam which led to the evacuation of about 100 residents from the Zeilly Sands Estate, Torquay last month.

The group met on 5 November and discussed an overview of current progress on investigations and the next steps, and draft terms of reference for the community group.

SRW Managing Director, Cameron FitzGerald and Manager Groundwater and Rivers, Hugh Christie, provided the group with an update on progress since Southern Rural Water issued the owner with a direction notice under section 80 of the Water Act (1989). Surf Coast Shire Acting CEO, Anne Howard also attended to answer questions.

The meeting was told that, in the short-term, the dam owner must maintain water at the current reduced level or below to ensure ongoing public safety, monitoring levels daily and providing regular reports.  It must remain at the reduced level or below throughout the investigations and review period. The dam owner may pump from the small farm run-off dam to the main dam, as necessary, but will also need to extract water from the main dam to maintain the agreed reduced water level.

SRW’s water quality tests, along with the coloured water tests, confirmed the water that appeared on the three properties came from the dam. These tests also confirmed that the water did not leak through the dam wall or its foundation, but from an uncapped, disused overflow pipe.

The pipework associated with the leak has been capped and pressure tested at the dam end.

The dam owner is working with an engineer to prepare a report to show cause why the dam should not be decommissioned by 30 November 2020. This is in response to the directions notice SRW issued to the owner following the incident.

Residents may see a small drill/augur taking soil samples on behalf of the dam owner between the dam wall and adjacent properties in the coming weeks, which will provide results to assist with the report.

After 30 November, SRW will review the report with the assistance of an independent technical expert. The SRW Torquay Community Group will meet again to provide community perspective and insight into SRW’s consideration of the report. The first of these meetings will be 3 December

Any applications arising regarding future operations of the dam will follow the statutory process, which includes referrals and consultation with stakeholders. This will include affected residents and the Torquay Community Group.

Residents  who live in close proximity to the dam, and who have questions about the process, or who would like to receive updates, can register their contact details and address by emailing


9 October update

Southern Rural Water has conducted extensive investigations and tests on water sources, the privately-owned dam and its infrastructure to help identify the cause of the leaks on Friday, which led to the evacuation of around 100 residents from areas of the Zeilly Sands Estate, Torquay.

Southern Rural Water met with residents in an online briefing on Thursday night and provided an update on the response, the investigation and steps it is taking to ensure the safety of residents.

The group was told that inspections of the dam walls did not reveal wet spots or damage that could be associated with the leak. The reduced level of water in the dam after the weekend’s pumping, helped to expose more of the dam and associated pipework.

Tests have confirmed that the water pooling on three properties and vacant land on Pintail Drive came from an uncapped pipe in the dam, which led to land that has now been built on near the south-west corner of the dam. It is believed that water only reached the old pipework when the dam reached high levels. Over the weekend the incident team reduced the level of the dam substantially using large pumps. This allowed residents to safely return to properties on Sunday afternoon.

Managing Director, Cameron FitzGerald told the group that Southern Rural Water had issued the owner with a direction notice under section 80 of the Water Act 1989. In the short-term, this means the owner must keep the water at the current reduced level or below to ensure ongoing public safety. In the longer term, it requires the owner to show cause by 30 November why the dam should not be decommissioned.

Details of future residents’ briefings will be updated on this page.

Southern Rural Water is also intending to establish a residents’ consultative group to assist with community engagement in relation to the future of the dam. Details of how to nominate will be available on this page.

Residents of the Zeilly Sands Estate close to the dam who would like to receive updates and an invitation to future briefings should register their contact details and address by emailing

7 October update

Southern Rural Water thanks the residents of the areas around Pintail Drive, Pintail Drive, Rippleside Drive, Cosy Ave, Wax Ave, Lowtide Drive and Druids Glen, Torquay, for their understanding and patience during, and since, the weekend’s emergency incident involving the private dam adjacent to Pintail Drive.

We are the regulator for large private dams under the Water Act 1989.  Our top priority is to ensure public safety at all times.  To achieve this, we are requiring the dam owner to implement a range of measures to ensure that there is not a repeat of the events of the weekend.

We would like to invite you to an online briefing for residents this Thursday 8 October from 6.30-7.30pm.  At this meeting, we will be able to give you an update on what our engineers have learned, what measures we are implementing to address this issue, and how you will be informed about the next steps.

To register for this meeting, if you were one of the affected residents, please email your contact details (name, address, email and mobile, if available) to, with “Torquay resident” in the subject line. We will contact you with more information and an invitation link to the Zoom meeting.

If you would like to get in touch about this meeting, please call 1300 139 510 or email: with “Torquay resident” in the subject line. 

5 October 2020

Over the weekend 2-4 October 2020, Southern Rural Water (SRW) assisted Emergency Services and Surf Coast Shire in the response to reports of water flowing across backyards of properties on Pintail Drive, Torquay.

The flow was suspected to be seeping up from a leak in a large 180 megalitre (ML) private dam adjacent to properties on Pintail Drive.

An emergency incident was declared on Friday evening, 2 October 2020 and the decision was taken to evacuate nearby properties in the early hours of Saturday 3 October.

SRW assigned officers, engineers, dam safety specialists and other staff to assist with managing the incident.

How can the community and residents stay updated on progress?

All future updates will be available on the dedicated page:

If you are a resident from the affected area and have questions or information for our team, please contact us at or call 1300 139 510.

Together with the Emergency Services, we sincerely thank all of the affected residents for their cooperation and understanding during this worrying time. We are grateful for your patience while we worked with VICSES, Victoria Police and other agencies to ensure it was safe for your return.