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Southern Rural Water invites tenders for the right to graze stock on several properties on marginal land located at Blue Rock Reservoir. A licence to occupy this land is offered for an initial period of 3 years with the option of a further 2 x 1-year periods subject to satisfactory management and implementation of licence conditions. Condition of the licence is that the land is managed and developed in accordance with a formal Management Program including a plan for the eradication of vermin, noxious weeds, and management of nutrient and/or phosphorus run-off.

Details of the areas as follows.
BR-15 – Lot 1, 2 and Part 3, PS 815512 Parish of Neerim East
Area of Land 66.89hs
BR -17 – Part of Crown Allotment – 1 Section B – Parish of Neerim East
Area of Land 1.8ha
 BR-14 – Crown Allotment(s): 49 & 50  Parish of Tanjil
Area of Land 22.74 ha
BR-12 – Crown Allotment 47 Parish: Tanjil
Area of Land 16.44 ha   
BR-13 – Crown Allotments 48 & Pt 49 Parish of Tanjil
Area of Land 38.5 ha
BR-10 – Pt Lot 2 PS 419348 Parish of Tanjil
Area of Land 4.76 ha
BR -9 – Part Crown Allotment 49 Parish of Tanjil
Area of land approx. 2 acres

Tender forms, plans, of the area and additional information are available from: John Monahan, Senior Land Management Officer,
(03) 5139 3100. Tenders should be addressed to;
General Manager – Water Supply – Southern Rural Water Clearly marked “Tender BR (enter relevant number) and delivered to 88 Johnson Street Maffra 3860 no later than 4.45 pm Friday 16 October.