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Southern Rural Water’s incident team is keeping in regular contact with the Bureau of Meteorology’s forecasts for the catchment over three days from today (1 Dec), with the heaviest rain expected on Saturday.

Gavin Prior, Operations Supervisor, Water Supply East, said that Lake Glenmaggie still had more than 26,000 ML (megalitres) available space before it was operationally full.

“Inflows have been much lower than the 10-year average throughout November, and the catchment above Lake Glenmaggie is fairly dry. We are keeping a close eye on the rainfall and preparing for all scenarios,” he said.

If there is rainfall at the predicted or higher end of estimates, he confirmed that Lake Glenmaggie is likely to spill, meaning potential flooding downstream as indicated by the BOM.

“Given that Lake Glenmaggie’s catchment is very large and it is a small dam in relative terms, we have a limited capacity to reduce downstream flooding.  However, we are very aware of the impact of flooding on the downstream communities and will be using available airspace in the dam to mitigate flooding to the best extent possible should the dam end up spilling,” he said.

Visitors planning to stay at the Cowwarr Weir RV Park have been asked to find alternative RV areas in the Wellington Shire. SRW is closing Cowwarr Weir RV facilities today (1 Dec) at noon, until further notice.

SRW also reminds local farmers to keep an eye on their on-farm dams if there is sustained significant rainfall, to ensure they identify any leaks or weakness.

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