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Recreational facilities 

 Find the latest information on the current restrictions on the Victorian Government website.

 Southern Rural Water has a number of storages where people can use boats and non-powered craft.


Power boating?
Non-powered boats Including Canoes and Kayaks
Boat Ramp Locations
More Information
Lake Glenmaggie
Kelly Cove, Lake Glenmaggie Caravan Park, Stuckeys Point, Glenmaggie and District Boat Club, Sandy Point
Lake Glenmaggie recreation page
Blue Rock Lake
Yes, with speed restrictions
Old Tanjil Road, Spillway Road
Blue Rock Lake recreation page
Cowwarr Weir
Cowwarr Weir recreation page
Lake Narracan
Note – recreation on Lake Narracan is managed by the Latrobe City Council.
Latrobe City Council
Melton Reservoir
Limited to members of the Melbourne Runabout and Speedboat Club
Only north of the railway bridge, accessed from Clarkes’ Road
(Melbourne Runabout and Speedboat Club for MRSC members only)
Melton Reservoir recreation page
Merrimu Reservoir
Merrimu Reservoir recreation page
Pykes Creek Reservoir
Yes. Note there can be restrictions on number of vessels when water is low
Pykes Creek Road
Pykes Creek recreation page


Safe boating

Southern Rural Water is keen for all visitors to enjoy a safe boating experience. Many of our storages are regularly patrolled. Ensure you stick to the safety rules for boating, including:

  • Boating is not permitted near our dam walls.
  • On Victorian inland waters a 5 knot speed limit applies to boat operators and PWC operators within 50m of the water’s edge, 50m of any fixed or floating structure in or on the water, and 50m of swimmers.
  • Don’t drink and boat.
  • Maintain a good look out and operate at a safe speed. Remember that lower water levels often reveal snags and obstacles.
  • Ensure you have sufficient skills, experience and number of crew on board for the vessel and conditions prevailing and forecast.
  • Ensure you have the right safety equipment for all persons on-board including correctly fitted PFDs.
  • Carry enough Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) for the amount of people on the boat
  • You must wear the appropriate PFD for your vessel type when in an open area of a recreational vessel that is underway.
  • All masters operating a powered recreational vessel on Victorian waters require a marine licence and must carry it at all times.
  • The Marine Safety Act requires the owner of a recreational powered vessel (one equipped with an engine that is capable of being used for propulsion) to register the vessel.
  • Carry the minimum safety equipment required for your class of vessel under the Marine Safety Act.
  • A person must not operate a recreational vessel (including jetskis) or hire and drive vessel at a speed or in a manner which is dangerous to the public, birds and marine animals.


More Information

For more information about the rules at particular waterways, visit Transport Safety Victoria’s interactive waterway map.

For further information on The Marine Safety Act 2010 (Vic) or boating in Waterways click here.

Southern Rural Water acknowledges and recognises Aboriginal people as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land and waters on which we work and live, and we respect their deep and ongoing connection to Country. For more about the First Nations peoples on whose Country we work, click here.