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Southern Rural Water are celebrating after closing the 2015-16 irrigation season with a record breaking 75% efficiency in the Macalister Irrigation District.

This means that 75% of the water released to irrigators from Lake Glenmaggie is being delivered for on-farm use, which is an excellent result for an earthen channel system like the MID, as opposed to a pipeline based one

Manager Water Supply East, Terry Clapham, said this is a fantastic achievement, as SRW was once considered the second worst irrigation district in Australia in terms of efficiency.

“We have increased from the low 60s around 15 years ago. This 15% increase is equal to around 23,000ML of extra water available to our customers and the environment.

“The majority of this achievement has been from modernisation works in and around the MID. We have also had a large focus on reducing our outfalls in the less automated parts of the district through fixing leaks, upgrading old equipment and our channel cleaning program. This has resulted in record low outfall numbers for us at 17,000ML of savings, down from 24,000ML just two seasons ago.”

The new balancing storage at Denison, a large part of the MID2030 project, will help us continue to decrease our outfall numbers.

The extra water is made available to irrigators through the water share auction held each February and any water shares not sold at the auction is available for purchase at a shelf price.