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Rainfall record sheets

Annual Reports - Other

Safe Drinking Water Annual Reports

Groundwater Management Area annual reports

Koo Wee Rup



The Nullawarre GMA was abolished in 2014-15

The Yangery GMA was abolished in 2014-15

Recycled Water Scheme annual reports

Drill Torque

Drill Torque

For drillers

2016 Drill Torque
2015 Drill Torque



The Act states that we have the power to make by-laws - special rules published in the Government Gazette  which apply within a specific area of Southern Rural Water's responsibility.

Since the Water Act came into operation, we have made two by-laws:

No.7 - Irrigation Period, 2011
No.9 - Recreational Areas

Statement of Obligations

This statement sets out a broad range of obligations and guiding principles applicable to all water corporations. It revokes and replaces all previous statements of obligations made and issued to a water corporation under s. 4I of the Water Industry Act 1994, with the exception of the Statement of Obligations (System Management) issued by the Minister for Water on 16 January 2015.

Statement of Obligations