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WID Modernisation

About the project

WIDSTG1-19may17-3The Victorian Government has provided significant funding to Southern Rural Water to enable the modernisation of the Werribee Irrigation District.

Over the next five years, Southern Rural Water is making a $30 million investment to complete piping and modernisation of the Werribee Irrigation District so that it is more efficient, reliable and resilient to a drier climate.

In 2016, Southern Rural Water completed pipelining and upgrades to the 4/1 channel system in Werribee South which kicked off the modernisation of the district.

Pipelining the 4/1 system means that about a third of the district is piped. The project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget which means that the money can be used for the next phase of pipelining.

Where are we now?

WIDSTG1-19may17-4SRW’s Werribee irrigation modernisation project is progressing well, with Stages 1 and 2 complete, and Stage 3 to commence construction in 2019.

Stage 1 works involved construction of almost 3km of pipeline from the Main Channel starting at the freeway and progressing to the junction between Diggers Road and Aviation Road.

Stage 2 was the longest section built so far, 9.3 km of pipeline laid from the end of the Stage 1 pipeline works. The Main Channel along Diggers Road to K Road and the 6/1 channel system along O’connors Road has now been replaced with new pipelines.

With the completion of Stage 2 in August 2018, this means that the project has now built over 18.5 km of pipeline and 66 new customer outlets have been constructed.

The annual losses in those areas of the district were estimated to be 2,250ML annually. Avoiding these losses represents a significant efficiency improvement that has already contributed to a higher seasonal allocation to our Werribee customers.

The project team is working on the designs and plans for the remaining stages of the project, which are planned to occur over the winter periods. We have already completed survey work and used drones to document the existing condition and alignment of the irrigation assets.

Below is a fact sheet which contains answers to the most asked questions about the next stage of the project, along with the proposed staging zones.

Fact sheet
Proposed staging zones

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