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Our prices are based on the services we provide to our customers, the cost of maintaining existing infrastructure (i.e. dams, pipes, channels, drains etc) and our investment in new infrastructure.

We have different prices for different customer groups based on the different services we provide to them and the extent of capital investment in specific areas. Hence, we charge different prices to:

  • Irrigators in the Macalister Irrigation District
  • Irrigators in the Werribee Irrigation District
  • Irrigators in the Bacchus Marsh Irrigation District
  • Licences with dams and groundwater and river diversions
  • Bulk entitlement holders who have access to water in our storages.

Click here for a copy of our current prices.

How do we set our prices?

Our prices are regulated and approved by the Essential Services Commission (ESC).

Every five years we must submit a plan (i.e. Price Submission) to the ESC. It outlines our proposed service levels, planned infrastructure investments and our price plan for the next five years.

We develop our submission in accordance with the ESC’s guidelines and work closely with our customers to understand their needs which are then reflected in our pricing.


Current Price Submission (2018 – 2023)

Our current price submission was approved by the ESC in May 2018 and runs through to June 30, 2023.

Click here for a copy of our current Price Submission.

Southern Rural Water Determination 2018

The Price Submission reflects our focus on finding cost savings and new revenue, allowing us to invest more than $65m on service improvements through modernisation, while keeping prices affordable for customers and ensuring our own financial sustainability.

Under this plan, most customers see prices remain stable or reduce slightly:

  • unregulated groundwater and rivers customers will see an annual price reduction of 2.3% before inflation.
  • prices in Macalister and Werribee Irrigation districts will remain stable, rising only with CPI.
  • after a period of reduced prices in the BMID, customers will see a slight increase of 1.7% (before inflation) to manage the contribution towards modernisation of the district.

Future Prices

Our 2022-23 prices will be developed in accordance with our 2018-22 Price Submission.

A copy of these will be published on this website when they have been adopted by our board in early-mid 2022.

Our prices beyond 2022-23 will be subject to a new Price Submission.

SRW has started preparing its next Price submission for the period 2023 – 2028.

You can find out more about the development of our Price Submission 2023-28 and how to get involved at our engagement hub.

Click here to go to the hub.

Performance Report

A key aspect of our pricing is the need to monitor whether we are providing the service we promised as part of our Price Submission.

This is an important part of price setting where the Essential Services Commission, considers our performance both in the past and our aspirations for the future.


Current Performance Measures

In developing our Price Submission 2018-2023, our customers told us what is important to them as water users and customers of SRW. We transformed these into a series of ‘customer outcome’ goals and supporting measures:

  • SRW provides great customer service
    • Customers can access SRW’s services and information in the manner they prefer (whether online, face-to-face or over the phone)
    • SRW responds to customer queries and processes applications promptly,
  • SRW’s water supply system enables good practice irrigation
    • SRW’s irrigation district infrastructure provides improved service levels, is efficient and reliable
  • SRW manages water resources well, maintaining a good balance between my needs as a water user and the sustainability of the resource
    • SRW is committed to resource management that maximises the water available for consumptive use while ensuring overall sustainability.
  • SRW works with me to manage my water needs and entitlements
    • SRW is committed to helping customers to meet their business goals in a variable and changing climate.
  • SRW keeps prices as low as possible
    • SRW is committed to modernising our whole business with minimal price increases.


Performance Results

Each year SRW and the ESC assess our performance against the measures agreed in our Price Submission.

Click here for a copy of our current performance report.

Southern Rural Water acknowledges and recognises Aboriginal people as the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land and waters on which we work and live, and we respect their deep and ongoing connection to Country. For more about the First Nations peoples on whose Country we work, click here.