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Phase 1B – Southern Tinamba Modernisation

Phase 1B - Southern Tinamba Modernisation

The $65m MID2030 Modernisation Phase 1B program in Tinamba (Stages 1 and 2) and Mewburn Park (Stage 4) involved an upgrade of the Southern Tinamba Supply Zone, with a new Southern offtake and replacing the upper channel system with a gravity pipeline.

The project was jointly funded by MID customers and the State and Federal Governments.

Approximately 38 km of pipeline has been installed and 28 km of existing channels upgraded and automated across the Riverslea section (Stage 3). Seventy new outlets allow farmers to control the flow of water onto their properties. Ordering occurs via a radio link from the outlet tower, simplifying the process for farmers and SRW planners.

A transition structure has been built in Mewburn Park to divert water back into the channel for our Riverslea customers.

Many farmers took the opportunity to complete on-farm works to maximise the benefits of modernisation such as installing pipe and riser systems, laser-grading new paddocks or investing in pivot sprays depending on the soil profile and design of the property.

The Southern-Tinamba project is one of the major supply zone upgrades in the modernisation process. It will enable the supply to operate at its optimum potential.

Project benefits include:

  • A saving of an estimated 10 gigalitres (GL) of water through reducing losses
  • More efficient on-farm irrigation, saving farmers time and improving water delivery
  • increased capacity to improve productivity across the district
  • Reducing outfall to the drain systems, which will also mean fewer nutrients entering waterways and the Gippsland Lakes.

What are the benefits of channel automation?

  • More consistent water levels in SRW channels as the system constantly monitors water levels
  • Regulates flow to better match customer orders and provides improved deliveryto the end of the system
  • The consistent height in the channel system provides a more reliable flow through existing Dethridge outlets.
  • Does not rely on staff or customers to operate regulators outside of normal work hours
  • Allows more flexibility for customer orders, as the system can supply at alternate times to a manually operated system. This allows customers to plan their irrigation and provide for a better work/life balance.
  • The full benefits will continue to be improved after construction as the system is further tested, tuned and refined.

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