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BMID Modernisation

About the project

Southern Rural Water is currently rolling out our plan to modernise the Bacchus Marsh Irrigation District (BMID).

New assets will be created and old ones upgraded to make the district more efficient, reliable and resilient to a drier climate.

The State Government has committed significant funding to Southern Rural Water to implement its modernisation program. Construction works will commence in 2017 and be completed in stages by 2021.

Work commenced on the Bacchus Marsh Irrigation Modernisation Project in 2016.

The Bacchus Marsh Irrigation District Modernisation works are progressing well, with Stage 1 completed and Stage 2A getting closer to starting construction.



Stage 1 - Maddingley Pump Station

In partnership with Moorabool Shire Council, a new pump station was constructed at Maddingley and a new rising main.The Maddingley Pump Station is complete and is now filling the Maddingley Basin.

These works were undertaken ahead of schedule due to the extension of Halletts Way across the old alignment of the main channel near Werribee Vale Road.

Maddingley Pump station

Stage 2A – Maddingley Tank

Works to install a new tank to replace the 80 year old Maddingley Basin will commence in the coming months. The tank design has been completed and we are currently tendering for a supplier to undertake the works. Letters will be sent to local residents in the area around Bacchus Street, Maddingley so they will be aware of the works.

The new tank will provide better supply pressure from Maddingley Hill to enable the upgrade from channels to pipes during the later stages of the BMID Modernisation. Below is an artist’s impression of what we expect the tank to look like once the works are completed.


Stage 2B – Spur 2/2 Upgrade

The design for the replacement of the old Spur 2/2 pipeline is nearly complete and the project is on track for construction to be completed over the planned winter works period this year.

Special consideration has been given to the connection points near the Avenue of Honour to avoid impact on the heritage Elm trees along the road side. Discussions have been held with Moorabool Council and a professional Arborist with the aim of following the successful methods used in other water projects completed along this section of Bacchus Marsh Road/Avenue of Honour.

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