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4/1 System Upgrade for Werribee



About the project

The project will replace about 6km old leaking channels in the western area of the district (called the 4/1 system) with much more efficient pipelines and accurate water meters.

Channels within the 4/1 system are some of the oldest in the WID and need a lot of ongoing maintenance.

Some of the benefits of this project include:

  • About 600ML/year of water savings
  • A fully piped system (parts of the WID 4/1 system are already pipelined)
  • Removing channels that act as a barrier
  • Improving community safety by removing sections of open channel
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Ease of operation

  • 2014 – on-ground investigations and design work
  • 2014 – meeting with individual customers to discuss how we can minimise disruptions
  • late 2014 – release of tender for construction works
  • Winter 2015 – construction works
  • Winter 2016 – construction works

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