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Southern Rural Water is encouraging anyone visiting their storages to play safe and be sensible this summer.

Lake Glenmaggie, Blue Rock Lake and Cowwarr Weir are all great spots to escape the heat, but there are safety rules that must be obeyed.

Manager Water Supply East, Terry Clapham, said Lake Glenmaggie and Blue Rock are popular for boating and also for personal water craft, fishing and picnicking.

Powered boating is prohibited at Cowwarr Weir, but kayaking is allowed.

“We have a strong commitment to safety, not only for our own staff but also for those visiting the storages.

“Lake Glenmaggie and Blue Rock will be patrolled regularly throughout summer by our staff and Transport Safety Officers, both on and off the water, who will have the power to deal with offenders under the Marine Safety Act.

Terry also reminded that all SRW storages have a carry in/carry out policy, meaning that visitors must take home their own rubbish.

“Our primary role is to provide water to our irrigation district, not to pick up rubbish.”

Camping, firearms and horses are not permitted, and dogs must be on leads at all times. Anyone with a dog is also required to clean up after their animal.

“We also strongly advise visitors planning to swim to check our website first for any current blue green algae warnings,” said Terry.

For more information, please contact Southern Rural Water on 1300 139 510.



For media enquiries please contact Julie Logan on 0458 333 328.