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MID Water Share Auction 2017

MID Water Share Auction 2017

Macalister Irrigation District customers purchased nearly 300ML of permanent water shares at auction on Tuesday.

Manager Water Supply East, Terry Clapham, said this year’s auction ran smoothly, with good interest from a range of customers in the district.

“Water shares were purchased mostly by dairy industry buyers, but also by some beef producers,” he said.

Terry said  262.7 megalitres (ML) of high reliability water shares were purchased at an average price of $1701.52 per ML and 25ML of paired high reliability water shares and low reliability water shares sold at an average $1850 per ML.  The highest price paid per ML was $1850.

This compares to last year’s figures of $1716 average for paired high and low reliability water shares and $1625 average for high reliability only water shares sold.

“We are extremely pleased that this water will go back into production in the district and that all customers have had the chance to increase their farm’s water security,” said Terry.

“Allocation against the high and the low reliability shares will be available to the purchasers this season. The water will be available to buyers immediately after we have received full payment.”

Terry said that 347.1ML of paired high and low water shares and 87.2ML of high reliability water shares remained and would  be offered for sale at a shelf price. These shares also attract this year’s seasonal allocation.

“This water is available now – purchases can be made direct from Southern Rural Water for the next 6 months or until sold out,” Terry said.

The auctioned water shares, and those now offered at shelf price, have come from savings made through automation works in the Macalister Irrigation District. The revenue from the auction is returned back into further works for the district.

Anyone interested in purchasing water off the shelf is encouraged to visit the office at 88 Johnson Street, Maffra (access to temporary reception area via the laneway on the eastern side) or contact us on 1300 139 510.