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Southern Rural Water (SRW) is developing a Local Management Plan (LMP) for the deeper aquifers of South West Victoria, known as the “Otway lower aquifers”. The LMP covers the Clifton (Condah) and Lower Tertiary (Dilwyn) aquifers between the Otway Ranges and the South Australian border.

Shallow aquifers (the basalt and limestone aquifers) overlie but are not well connected to the lower aquifers. The basalt aquifer is managed by the Glenelg, Portland and Hopkins-Corangamite GCS_Final April 2016 Catchment Statement The limestone aquifer is managed by the South West Limestone Local Management Plan

The LMP will improve and simplify groundwater management within the existing Glenelg and Condah Water Supply Protection Areas (WSPAs), the Portland, Parratte and Newlingrook Groundwater Management Areas (GMAs) and surrounding areas.

You can download a copy of the draft Plan and supporting technical information below:

Otway Lower Aquifers Local Management Plan
Groundwater Resource Appraisal Lower Tertiary Aquifer (1)
Groundwater Resource Appraisal Lower Tertiary Aquifer (2)
South West Victoria Lower Aquifers technical information
Calculated potential drawdown in the LTA (Dilwyn) aquifer for Lake Mundi and Condah areas
Cross Section – Glenelg
Cross Section – Newling
Cross Section – Port Camp
Cross Section – Portland
Cross Section – Warrn

Fact Sheet – Otway Lower Aquifer
Q&A- Otway Lower Aquifer

Please contact us on 1300 139 510 if you would like us to mail you a copy of the Plan or if you would like to talk about it with one of our staff.

We are keen to get your input to help shape the Plan. Any and all written feedback is welcome by Friday 9 September.

Feedback can be mailed to us at:

Otway Local Management Plan
Southern Rural Water
PO Box 153
MAFFRA Vic 3860

Or emailed to:

We are also organising drop-in sessions and briefings. Details on these will be available shortly.