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Macalister Irrigation District (MID)

Above-average storage levels in Lake Glenmaggie due to recent rainfall in the catchment have allowed Southern Rural Water (SRW) to announce an opening allocation of 100% for the Macalister Irrigation District.

The storage is currently is 79% full with 140,000 megalitres (ML). “SRW is managing   Lake Glenmaggie levels with the objective of having the storage at full supply when irrigators most need it, while maintaining dam safety,” said Gavin Prior, Manager Water Supply.

The drought reserve held by SRW in the Thomson Dam is currently holding 38,000 ML. “The reserve supports the opening allocation and underpins the security for MID customers to plan their water budget for the season ahead,” he said.
As the opening allocation is 100%, the next allocation review will be at the end of the spill period on 15 December 2020.

Werribee Irrigation District (WID) and Bacchus Marsh Irrigation District (BMID)

Pykes Creek Reservoir is currently at 81% capacity and Melton Reservoir is at 70%, following good rainfall and inflows in the west.

The 2019-20 WID and BMID season finished with 100% allocation across both high and low reliability water shares.

Customers are currently holding 11,280 ML of carryover in the system, representing 70% of the total entitlement. “Many customers have taken advantage of carryover to ensure security for the coming season,” Gavin said.

Based on storage levels and carryover volumes, the opening allocation for 2020-21 in WID and BMID will be 30% of high reliability water shares.

Deutgam Groundwater

The starting groundwater allocation for Deutgam is 25%. Allocations are based on groundwater levels in the monitoring bores.