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Farmers looking for more water for the 2017-18 season will be able to bid for lots in the online seasonal allocation auction, from 11am Tues 19/12 to Thur 21/12.

Five lots will be offered with no reserve: 2x50ML, 2x20ML and 1x5ML. Note that these are for the 2017-18 season only.

All bidding is managed through WaterBid:   If you haven’t already registered, it is a very simple process. Go to the waterbid site and click on ‘register’ and follow the prompts.

The lots will come online at the same time, but the auction endings will be staggered from 11am on Thursday 21 Dec.

To find out more, give Customer Service a call on 1300 139 510. You can also drop into our info session: ‘Talking Water’ on Wed 20 Dec at the Bundalaguah Hall 10.30am to 12noon. We will have more information on the new water share distribution, seasonal outlook, spill entitlement and the rolling AgVic irrigation incentive program.

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