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Growers and farmers in the Bacchus Marsh and Werribee Irrigation Districts have another chance to secure more water this season.

Southern Rural Water is holding a second online auction of seasonal allocation, available to farmers in either district.

There will be 14 lots auctioned from Tuesday 10 April 10:30 am, closing at staggered times from 10:30 am on Thursday 12 April.  The lots are being offered in volumes of 20ML, 10ML and 5ML. No reserve has been set.

Manager Water Supply West, Ed Smith, said that the available water comes from the conversion of a customer water supply agreement to water shares.  Some of the water shares are being held in SRW’s name until the end of the year.

“We want to make this water available to customers who need it. The reason we decided to auction the water is that the government prefers this method of distribution and also it is not enough water to raise the allocation by even 1%.” Mr Smith said.

Any proceeds from the sale would help cover the foregone revenue from the supply agreement and will be used to help close the gap in funding for the modernisation projects which are currently underway in both districts.

Farmers must register on SRW’s WaterBid site to bid in the auction. They can register at any time but must be logged in to make a bid.

The auctions will close at 30min intervals on Thursday 12 April and bidders will be notified of the results at the close of the auction.

If you need some help to login and register on the WaterBid site, or would like to find out more about the auction process, please drop into our Werribee office or call 1300 139 510 and one of our team will help you.