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Southern Rural Water (SRW) is calling for interested parties to apply for an allocation of groundwater from the Moorabbin Ground Management Unit (GMU).

The total volume available is 42.7ML of groundwater. Licences will be allocated by an open and transparent process.

SRW Hydrogeologist Liam Murphy said, “Once the applications are received, SRW will finalise how the water will be allocated. This will include lot sizes, method of sales and considerations for specific purposes.”

To apply, you must own or occupy land within the Moorabbin GMU. If you are eligible and interested in this allocation, please  complete the application below or phone 1300 139 5120.

Application for this water should be clearly marked ‘Moorabbin GMU Initiative’ and be sent to:

Southern Rural Water
P.O. Box 153,
MAFFRA Vic 3860,

to be received by 19 October 2018.

To obtain a Moorabbin GMU application form and for general enquiries please contact Southern Rural Water on 1300 139 510 or

Download Moorabbin GMU application form here