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Southern Rural Water has been engaging with customers to discuss their needs for MID2030 Phase 2, which would complete the transformation of the Macalister Irrigation District’s ageing assets into a highly automated, efficient, modern water delivery system.

Finishing the program would unlock the full potential of the MID and deliver more water, more reliably. This will allow the district’s irrigators to expand their business operations with confidence and introduce their own on-farm modernised irrigation systems.

Phase 2 comprises four sub-projects and is estimated to cost between $47-$63m. Expected benefits would include:

  • Save and reinvest up to 10GL of water back into the Gippsland rural economy.
  • Boost Gippsland’s output of milk and food, improving the regional economy.
  • Secures the Newry supply network for 40+ years.
  • Unlock on-farm investment in irrigation and grow farm productivity.
  • Improve farming family, farm staff, and community safety and wellbeing.
  • Improve environmental outcomes by reducing nutrient discharges to local waterways and the Gippsland Lakes.
  • Boost jobs, both during construction and ongoing as rural businesses expand.

Customer meetings in the areas involved have been held in recent months to gather information on priorities and to test potential solutions.

Development of the business case is being funded by the Commonwealth Government through the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund – feasibility component.

Please click on the link to download a copy of MID Phase 2 Draft Prospectus