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To make sure our channel system is free of submerged weeds, we have an on-going program in place.

As part of this program we treat the submerged weeds in our channel system with Magnacide H.

Magnacide H is widely used to control submerged weeds in irrigation channels and has been successfully used in past years.

This chemical will be applied by trained SRW staff into our channels using strict controls and monitoring.

The treatment will occur in the following areas:

Monday 25 November: Main Southern Channel – From downstream of Glenmaggie Weir to Heyfield/Upper Maffra Road, Tinamba

Tuesday 26 November:  Main Northern Channel – From Upper Maffra Road, Newry to Brewers HIll Road, Maffra

Wednesday 27 November: Main Sale Channel – From Cross Road, Bundalaguah to Cobains Estate Road, Cobains

Wednesday 27 November: Sale 13 Channel – From Millers Junction to Boscato second regulator

Wednesday 27 November: Main Heart Channel – From Aerodrome Road to Aerodrome Road

Thursday 28 November: Nambrok Denison 1 Channel – From downstream of Swamp Road to Velore Road

Thursday 28 November Nambrok Denison 4/1 Channel – From Sale Heyfield Road to Sale Cowwarr

Warnings regarding this application
* Do not come in contact with treated water
* Do not swim in channels
* Do not use treated water for domestic and stock for 72 hours after treatment

Enquiries: Southern Rural Water on 1300 139 510 or visit

A reminder: Channel water is not treated for human consumption. Please don’t drink it. Swimming and fishing in our channels is banned at all times.