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An annual auction of permanent water shares in the Macalister Irrigation District (MID) was conducted successfully online on Friday 3 April 2020, through WaterBid.

A total of 92.8 megalitres (ML) high reliability water shares and 48.5 ML low reliability water shares were offered across 15 lots, all with allocation.

Buyers were predominantly dairy, beef and fodder businesses in the MID.

  • Winning bids ranged from $2,672.50 to $2,805 per megalitre for the high and low reliability bundled lots, with an average of $2,734.44 per megalitre.
  • The lots comprising only high reliability shares sold between $2,555 to $2,658.92 per megalitre, with an average of $2,621.28 per megalitre.

Based on the results for the day the market is valuing low reliability water shares at an average of  $113 per megalitre.