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Macalister irrigators will receive 20% of their low reliability shares this season, which is in addition to 100% of their high reliability water.

Southern Rural Water announced the allocation after reviewing the current volume in Lake Glenmaggie and the current usage.

Manager Water Supply East, Gavin Prior, said that with Lake Glenmaggie at 69% full, it is only slightly lower than at the same time last year.

“Irrigators have been more conservative and managing their water budgets in these dry conditions, but the usage is consistent with the five-year average,” he said.

Macalister Irrigation District irrigators have already used approximately 69,600ML of the 155,000ML held in Glenmaggie for high reliability water shares, and a further 16,000ML will now be available to supply 20% of low reliability shares.

SRW will review water allocation fortnightly for the remainder of the season and the low reliability allocation may be increased as storage volumes are assessed against delivery.

As rainfall is well below the 10-year average, demand is expected to increase over the next month. If customers need more water, there are options to trade with other MID customers.

There will be an allocation auction in late January. Details on registration will be available closer to the time.

For more information, please call 1300 139 510.