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Macalister irrigators will receive 10% of their low reliability water shares this season, which is in addition to the 100% of their high reliability shares, and the spill entitlement they had received up until 19 November.

Southern Rural Water announced the allocation after reviewing the volume in Lake Glenmaggie, the outlook and the current demand.

Acting Manager Water Supply East, Matt Cook, said Macalister Irrigation District farmers have benefitted from spill entitlement, retrospectively covering water usage from the start of the season in August through to 19 November.

He said that with the wet start to the season, good inflows and Lake Glenmaggie at 85% full, usage had been less than the previous seasons.

“Our irrigators started the season slowly because of the good rainfall throughout late winter and spring, but demand has now picked up in more in the past two months and is expected to continue,” he said.

So far this season, Macalister Irrigation District irrigators have used approximately 50,200ML for irrigation requirements since 1 July. Of this 24,200 ML is allocated to their high-reliability water shares, with the remaining 26,000 ML being utilised as spill entitlement.

SRW will continue to review water allocation fortnightly for the remainder of the season and the low-reliability allocation may be increased as storage volumes are assessed against delivery.

Demand is expected to increase over the next month, with the warmer conditions. Mr Cook said if customers need more water, there are options to trade with other MID customers. There is an MID Irrigators Facebook group, which customers can use to contact each other regarding potential trades.