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Our Latest Media Releases

Have you considered a board position?

Have you considered being on a Victorian water corporation board?The Victorian Government is committed to community engagement and increasing diversity in water sector leadership. This will encourage new ideas and ensure we best reflect our diverse communities.With...

Play safe on the water this summer

Southern Rural Water is encouraging anyone visiting their storages to play safe and be sensible this summer. Lake Glenmaggie, Blue Rock Lake and Cowwarr Weir are all great spots to escape the heat, but there are safety rules that must be obeyed. Manager Water Supply...

Be sensible at Pykes Creek this summer

Southern Rural Water has a range of actions planned this summer to ensure that visitors to Pykes Creek Reservoir can have a safe, enjoyable time. As one of the nearest water storages to western Melbourne open to boating, Pykes Creek has become an extremely popular...

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