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Southern Rural Water Managing Director, Clinton Rodda, today announced his resignation after nine years leading the water corporation. He advised the SRW board he was not seeking renewal of his contract in 2019 and plans to leave by the end of 2018.

Mr Rodda joined SRW as General Manager Water Supply in 2005 and was appointed Managing Director in 2009.  Mr Rodda said he is leaving the organisation at a time when it is achieving great outcomes for customers by transforming its operations, with major modernisation programs well underway. “We’re halfway through a once-in-a-generation modernisation program across our regions throughout southern Victoria, and our customers are already seeing the benefits of those improved efficiencies, while we’ve kept costs affordable.”

“I have truly valued the close relationship we have with our customers and the communities we operate in, and I know Southern Rural Water will continue to strengthen those ties into the future,” he said.

“We have a team of talented people across the state, who have been so supportive during my time here. I have appreciated the freedom and opportunities the board has given us over the years,” he said. “I know the organisation is strong and capable and ready to take on new challenges under a new leader,” he said.

Chairman, Diane James AM said that Mr Rodda would leave an important legacy. “Clinton has been energetic in pursuing every avenue to transform the business, modernising the way we work to better serve our customers, enabling them to boost their own production,” she said. “On behalf of the board, we have appreciated his drive and his focus on customers and staff, and we wish him the very best for his future career.”