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Southern Rural Water’s 4am review of Eastern storages  has reported that calculated inflows into Lake Glenmaggie have dropped to 14,996 ML per day, down from 18,715 ML per day. There is still 20,365 ML (megalitres) of available airspace in Lake Glenmaggie. With the rain easing, SRW is maintaining releases at 3,450ML per day.

SRW is using the available airspace in the dam to mitigate flooding to the best extent possible, and minimise the impact on downstream communities.

There are still no significant rises in the upstream gauges on the Latrobe River above Lake Narracan, and releases remain steady at 1,300ML per day.

Upstream flows in the Thomson River are reducing, however, inflows to Cowwarr Weir have risen to 2,600ML per day with outflows steady at 1,000ML.

The incident team is continuing to monitor the situation and there will be a further update after the 8am review.

For further information and any community notifications, please see regular VICSES updates from