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We are currently reviewing our pricing and services as part of our 2018-2023 Water Pricing submission to the Essential Services Commission.

What is a pricing submission?

This pricing submission will determine

  • how our future prices are set
  • what level of service customers can expect from us
  • what projects we will be working on.

Once this document is completed, it is approved by the Essential Services Commission

Throughout this project, there will be opportunities for your to provide input and feedback. If you would like to be in involved and receive information on this project, please complete the below subscription form.

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Are you interested in having your say about SRW’s pricing and service?

You can follow the link to our six-step  survey (which should only take around 10 minutes to complete) to let us know what YOU think about what we do well and what we could improve upon.

The survey closes on 15 January.


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