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Glenmaggie Reservoir has fallen below 44%, triggering recreational water usage restrictions.

This restricts boats and other water vessels to 5-knots per hour across two-thirds of the lake, reducing the area where waterskiing and jetskiing is possible.

The restricted area is west of a line from Sandy Cove to Wootons Point, which is clearly marked with yellow buoys.

Boats are not banned from the remainder of the lake but must obey the 5 knot restriction, which is well signed around the shoreline and across the lake. Fishing is still permitted.

The restrictions are for obvious safety reasons. There are a number of snags and obstacles that become serious hazards when the lake levels drop. SRW urges everyone using Glenmaggie to observe the speed restriction and stay safe.

As soon as the lake’s capacity drops to 25%, a five knot restriction will be introduced across the whole of Glenmaggie reservoir.