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Lake Glenmaggie

Update 3 December – 11.30am

River flows above Lake Glenmaggie are slowly reducing. Upstream flows at gauging stations on the Macalister River are: Glencairn 6,600ML per day, Licola 11,400ML per day, Stringybark Creek 12,700ML per day.


Lake Glenmaggie is currently holding at 160,065ML. We have reduced outflows and will continue to reduce releases slowly to manage the environmental impact on the  Macalister River.

We will provide further updates later today.


Latrobe System (Lake Narracan)

Update December 3 – 11.30am

Releases from Lake Narracan have reduced to 1,103ML per day.

Inflows have continued to reduce this morning.


Thomson System (Cowwarr Weir)

The flows upstream of Cowwarr Weir have reduced slightly. We are now passing approximately 1,680ML per day.