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The Macalister Customer Consultative Committee (MCCC) is Southern Rural Water’s customer advisory group for the Macalister Irrigation Area (MIA). It provides an open forum for raising and discussing issues relevant to customers and SRW’s Eastern Irrigation Business.

Message from the Committee

As members of the MCCC it is our responsibility to ensure that irrigators get as much value as possible out of their water entitlements and that the community makes the best use of its resources – resources that will enable us to be an economically viable and productive irrigation district and community.


Mr Bradley Missen



Brad feels that the MID is a critical asset for our community that must be well managed and resilient to provide support for viable businesses now and for future generations.
Brad has a Diploma in Agriculture, is currently a director of Gippsdairy and a member of the UDV. He has been dairy farming for more than 20 years and a member of the MCCC for more than nine years.

Mrs Raelene Hanratty

Deputy Chairperson

Upper Maffra

Raelene has been dairyfarming in the MID since 1986 and has been a member of the MCCC since July 2014. It is her belief that the MID is vital to Victoria’s food production; envisaging strong growth in agricultural profit. Raelene has held 11 executive positions on local school and sporting committees and is a Director on the Board of the Heyfield Hospital. Raelene is also a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Raelene is conscious of the need to modernise and progress the MID to provide an enhanced service for irrigators that will be sustainable and cost-effective into the future.

Mr Graeme Anderson (OAM)


Graeme Anderson has been a valued member of the MCCC for many years. Graeme has over 44 years’ experience in the dairy industry, which has contributed to his extensive knowledge of the MID and current water policies. Graeme is a member of the Macalister Consultative Group on Irrigation Reform (MCGIR), UDV, VFF, Denison Discussion Group, Denison Hall Committee and the VFF State Water Committee. Graeme is dedicated to ensuring continual improvement of the district, and believes we have the opportunity to make the MID the premier irrigation district in the state.

Mr Alan Clyne

Tinamba West

As well as dairy farming for over 40 years, Alan has also been heavily involved in local business, including being a Board Member of the Gippsland Rural Financial Council and a Board member of the Herd Improvement Co-Operative. Alan wishes to give some time to the irrigation community, using his practical experience to best serve his fellow farmers.

Mr Norm Drew


Norm Drew brings more than 40 years of farming experience to the Committee and is heavily involved in many community and industry forums, from cropping and dairy, to serving as Flood Warden and being a member of various industry based groups. A desire to improve future farming and to help develop better agriculture and irrigation knowledge, led Norm to nominate for the Committee.

Mr Stephen Dwyer


Stephen Dwyer has been a dairy farmer in Newry for the past 32 years. Stephen is an active member of the community, being past president of the Newry Tennis Club, Chairperson of the Newry Rec Reserve and Newry GRS, umpire with the Sale Umpire Association, member of the Sale Dramatic Society, local CFA, and a Committee member for the Sale Entertainment Centre. Stephen is entering his third term as a Committee member, and is pleased to be a representative on behalf of the Newry community.

Mrs Jeannette Howie


Jeannette Howie has participated in such groups as the Australian Institute of Management / Dairy, National Irrigation Group, MCGIR, Wellington Shire Farm Group and the Wellington Shire Drought Committee, and brings 30 years’ experience in the dairy industry to the committee. Jeannette holds an Advanced Diploma in Agriculture and has built her farming business from a 100 cow farm to a successful 400 cow farm. Jeanette is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Dairy Australia National Irrigation Futures. Jeannette has a strong commitment to see the district prosper, and is confident in representing issues raised from her fellow irrigators and the community.

Mr David Read


David Read has been a sheep and beef farmer for the past 15 years and has been a CFA member for 12 years, and captain of Perry Bridge CFA for 6 years. David is also vice president of Cobains Primary School Council, and has been a Landcare member for more than 14 years. Mr Read looks forward to taking a pro-active role in ensuring the sustainable future of the MID through efficient use of water.

Mr Jason Scicluna


Jason Scicluna operates a 300 acre dairy farm and is also a qualified diesel mechanic. He is Captain of the Stratford Fire Brigade.

Mr Malcolm Sellen


Malcolm Sellen has been a Committee member since July 2006. He has been farming for 25 years, and moved to the district some 15 years ago. Malcolm is involved with numerous discussion groups and is the current Secretary of the local UDV branch. Soil health, fishing and boating are among Malcolm’s interests. He joined the MCCC to gain a better understanding of SRW’s involvement in the community.

Hans Van Wees

Upper Maffra West

Hans Van Wees, share farmer and owner-operator in Upper Maffra West, is originally from Holland but came to Australia via New Zealand. He is keen to gain a greater understanding of the system, how it works and how decisions are made, as well as taking the opportunity to put forward ideas and suggestions.  He is president of the Latrobe Valley Model Railway Association.

Robert Webber


Working with the local farming community through his role in farm machinery sales, Robert Webber is well aware of the importance of a reliable water supply for both the farmer and community in general.  Originally from a family farm in South West England, Robert and his wife Belinda own a small farm in Bundalaguah. The couple’s farm is under flood irrigation on a modernised channel with a flume gate and is used for agistment and producing grass silage.


Role of the Committee

This committee meets seven times a year in Maffra and is responsible for:

  • helping to shape and approve our Eastern Irrigation Business including future plans, prices, investments, budgets and performance indicators
  • providing input into system and service improvements
  • helping to shape tariff structures, pricing and billing arrangements
  • the operation and maintenance of the groundwater control pumps and free flowing bores in the MID and surrounds
  • acting as an advocate for the Salinity Management Program
  • monitoring customer communication strategies and activities
  • providing a customer’s perspective on business issues
  • assisting SRW to improve relationships with customers
  • helping shape positive external stakeholder views on the MIA.

All MCCC members are selected to ensure that a broad range of customer views are heard. Each member brings a wide range of experience which helps us respond better to changing needs and concerns from our customers.

The MCCC provides a direct link between SRW and its customers, ensuring that we:

  • remain responsive to customer needs
  • can understand issues and possible solutions from the perspective of different groups
  • involve the community in projects from the beginning, ensuring its views are considered as part of the project
  • have access to valuable community knowledge
  • receive feedback about our customer service performance
  • are advised about new or modified service requirements
  • take into account the customer perspective in responding to external stakeholder concerns about the MIA.

If you are you interested in attending a meeting as an observer, become a member or would like to have an issue discussed at a meeting please contact us.

Meeting schedule 2018
February 27, Tuesday
April 24, Tuesday
May 22, Tuesday
July 17, Tuesday
September 25, Tuesday
October 23, Tuesday
December 18, Tuesday

All meetings are held at Southern Rural Water, 88 Johnson Street, Maffra.

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